The favorite neighborhood of locals, the gem under the shade of the Acropolis is called Plaka. Remember that name! Just like a little village that hiked on the foots of the hill, a small attractive island surrounded by fast and furious urban earth.

The oldest section of Athens, Plaka can be found between Syntagma and Monastiraki square and the upper part right under the Acropolis. It is a neighborhood, indeed, commercialized, but if you are inclined to believe, you will read between the lines and get yourself off the beaten path and up the swirling roads easily.

A history of 6.000 years among the ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments, neoclassic houses and 19 th centuries villas, is quite an attractive walk to take. Typical places full of local aromas and traditional essence pave a romantic way up the Sacred Rock of Athens.

The far removed neighborhood of Anafiotika, on the northern slopes of Acropolis hill, right next to the entrance of the Ancient Agora, is an unexpected treasure along the way. A place built by settlers of the Aegean island of Anafi, casts a Cycladic spell over Plaka and under the Acropolis.

Developed mostly under the ruins, Plaka has been always busy since antiquity. During the Ottoman era, this was the Turkish corner of Athens, nowadays among the most picturesque urban places to drink a greek / turkish coffee under the boucanvilleas.

Plaka with the consistent beauty on ancient steps, provides a splendid getaway that fills with excitement. "La belle epoque" point, "a city inside a city" and the "neighborhood of the Gods" gloriously manigest the personality of this neighborhood.