Syntagma Square is the central and the most renown square in Athens. Named after the Constitution, in the days of the King Otto, can be found opposite the Hellenic Parliament, once an Old Palace. The Square used to be the front lawn of the Old Palace, where Queen Amalia spent her precious time. Nowadays, it is the melting pot of the city, the hot spot, the place where all the Athenians meet.

Syntagma square is a very significant area that you will bump into plenty of times during your stay in Athens. Its central location allows you to walk nearby all the important monuments, sights and streets. The 3 metro entrances found on the spot assure that you can easily travel anywhere further.

From the top of the Square, as you lay your eyes on the Parliament, on your right you can take the coastal tram that takes you to the near to Athens beaches.

The Parliament is not open to the public, though you can always stop a minute to admire the changing of the Evzones, the Presidential Guard in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

On your left hand, you find the classy old hotel "Grande Bretagne", standing like a jewel in the corner of the busiest Athenian streets. At the bottom of the square, you can find the beginning of the most commercial street in the capital, Ermou str. packed with busy shops and little coffee houses.

Have you ever watched on the News any demonstrations taking place in the heart of Athens? This is the spot; so make sure you don't panic if you come across groups of people protesting in the middle of this square. It is normality! This is the place where all types of Athenians raise their voices.