Pin Athens on your map as a sophisticated destination that combines sun and beach with a city break. Not many visitors of the city have realized that the Attica Coastline lies less than 10 miles south of the city center. The word Attica derives from the greek word "akti" which means shore. Well, the Attica region has plenty of beautiful shores!

If you have no time to visit a Greek island, this is the perfect solution to get acquainted with the Mediterranean Sea without setting your foot on a ferry.

Starting at Flisvos Marina, Faliro right down to Cape Sounio, the coastline of Attica, full of blue flag beaches and seaside towns, reveals the majesty of the Aegean Sea and the nearby islands of the Saronic Gulf.

Pristine beaches and flamboyant neighborhoods compose the newest contemporary part of the city, close to the center, the open gallery of Athenian history.

The fashionable Athens Riviera offers an enchanting landscape, with great infrastructure, "state of the art" restaurants and cafes, sports facilities, cool spots and a beautiful "promenade" for the entire family. Let alone, Cape Sounio, which is the finishing point, the ultimate sunset spot and a "must-visit" destination near Athens.

If you are in the "road trip" mode, rent a car and enjoy the ride, yet keep in mind that the public transportation is extremely comfortable, well affordable and convenient.